Pauwels Consulting is very happy to be working with Elia, operator of the Belgian transmission system for electricity with headquarters in Brussels, on a regular basis.

We make a habit out of asking our customers what they think about the collaboration with Pauwels Consulting. This allows us to continuously improve our services.

Below you will read how the collaboration with Pauwels Consulting is perceived by Mr Grégory Huon, Head of Substation Replacement Projects at Elia Engineering.

“Our task as a transmission operator is essential to our society.”
Mr Huon, can you describe Elia in a couple of words for readers who are not familiar with your company?

G. Huon: Elia is the operator of the Belgian transmission system for electricity. We also play a key role at a European level.

Elia is the operator of the high-voltage grid between 30,000 and 380,000 Volts. The high-voltage grid consists of more than 8,000 km of lines and underground cables across Belgium.

Our task as a transmission operator is essential to our society.

What is your task at Elia?

G. Huon: As the leader of the replacement project team I am in charge of about 15 project leaders. Our project leaders replace outdated infrastructure at the level of the high-voltage substations. The so-called nodes of the electricity system.

Project leaders must have the necessary technical knowledge. In addition, a sense of responsibility, good communicative skills and excellent team spirit are also important.

For what types of projects do you deploy Pauwels Consulting consultants and why?

G. Huon: The consultants of Pauwels Consulting manage and/or work in the same type of projects which are also managed by internal Elia staff. How exactly these jobs are assigned depends on the employee’s experience.

“These values are clearly anchored among Pauwels Consulting staff.”

A few years ago Pauwels Consulting contacted you for an introduction. What was your first impression of our company and have we consolidated this impression over the years?

G. Huon: Pauwels Consulting seemed to be a dynamic and creative company, right from the start. These values are clearly anchored among Pauwels Consulting staff.

I see a lot of dynamism and team spirit among Pauwels Consulting staff every day, both the people at the headquarters in Ghent and the project leaders they outsource.

My relation with the commercial manager of Pauwels Consulting is very transparent and fair. I believe that is very important. The relation between Pauwels Consulting and myself as a customer is based on mutual trust.

If you could describe Pauwels Consulting in just a few words, what would they be?

G. Huon: I perceive Pauwels Consulting to be a dynamic and creative team.

Image credits: Elia

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