Ghent, 9 May 2017. Pauwels Consulting, the Belgian recruitment and consultancy company active in life sciences, engineering and IT, announces the acquisition of Vandycke & Partners and its sister company Mediconsult.

For more than twenty-seven years, Vandycke & Partners is regarded as the reference in the field of executive search and recruitment for the healthcare and life sciences industry in Belgium. Its sister company, Mediconsult, is specialised in clinical research outsourcing.

Following this acquisition, Pauwels Consulting will be one of the largest providers of executive search, recruitment and project sourcing for the life sciences industry in Belgium. The group now has more than 490 employees in the field of life sciences, engineering and IT.

Pauwels Consulting, Vandycke and Partners and Mediconsult unite forces

As of today, Vandycke & Partners and Mediconsult will function as autonomous companies within the Pauwels Consulting group. Michel Vandycke, founder and CEO of Vandycke & Partners and Mediconsult, and Bert Pauwels, founder and general manager of Pauwels Consulting, are extremely pleased.

Complementary services strengthen all parties involved

“When I was looking for a suitable takeover candidate, Pauwels Consulting immediately got my attention”, explains Michel Vandycke. “We instantly had a personal click and our services are perfectly complementary. I am convinced this acquisition will ensure new dynamics, which will be positive for all parties involved.”

“I am also very pleased with this acquisition”, continues Bert Pauwels. “Vandycke & Partners is a valued party with regard to executive search and Mediconsult is strong in the field of clinical research outsourcing. These services are perfectly complementary to our own services in the field of project sourcing, recruitment and selection.”

Strong network of clients and consultants

By means of this acquisition, Pauwels Consulting will add seventy new colleagues to the team. “This acquisition is perfectly fitting with regard to our growth strategy”, adds Bert Pauwels. “Since our cooperation with 3D Investments in January 2016, we explicitly focus our attention on strategic acquisitions to provide services to our clients which cover many more areas than before.”

“Moreover, this acquisition also offers new opportunities for our employees. At Pauwels Consulting, we devote great attention to knowledge-sharing and we are always eager to offer our consultants the very best career opportunities. This cooperation will undoubtedly result in new opportunities, which will be profitable for our clients and employees.”

Further information

For further information, please contact Bert Pauwels:

Please find an interview with Michel Vandycke and Bert Pauwels here, in which they further explain their motivation for this cooperation. Read the interview.

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