Pauwels Consulting and 3D Investments join forces to boost international growth


GHENT, January 26, 2016

Pauwels Consulting, the Belgian consulting firm with offices in Ghent, Brussels, Basel, Lyon, Frankfurt and Lille, is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with the Belgian investment company 3D Investments to further boost the international growth of its consulting services.

The company structure and daily operations of Pauwels Consulting remain unchanged and Hans Swinnen, former CEO of Thomas Cook and Director of 3D Investments, will join Pauwels Consulting as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

“I am very pleased that Hans Swinnen will join our team”, says Bert Pauwels, Founder and Managing Director of Pauwels Consulting. “This injection of strategic knowhow and extra financial support will enable us to scale up our business faster and more effectively. This will definitely benefit our clients and staff.”

Collaboration supports ambitions

“Pauwels Consulting has been very successful in the past couple of years”, says Van Nguyen, Operations Director and Partner at Pauwels Consulting. “We have consistently ranked among the fastest growing companies in Belgium (Trends Gazelles) for the past 6 years.”

“Now it is time to step it up a notch. Every day, we see an increasing number of opportunities to grow our business in Belgium and beyond. Opportunities we want but cannot always act on.”

“This is why, in 2015, we have engaged EY M&A Advisory to search for a business partner who can help us grow our business”, adds Jan Fyens, Key Account Director and Partner at Pauwels Consulting.” We were looking for a business partner with high ambitions and a proven track record of international growth stories. 3D Investments perfectly matches that description.” EY M&A Advisory and HvG lawyers assisted Pauwels Consulting in this transaction.

Unique opportunity for both parties

“Pauwels Consulting is a healthy Belgian firm with a large, diverse and loyal client base and a high potential for growth”, says Hans Swinnen, Director of 3D Investments. “We are pleased that Pauwels Consulting reached out to us to discuss the possibilities for their international growth.”

“In the past 24 years, 3D Investments has helped many promising companies reach their full potential, and we can’t wait to help Pauwels Consulting meet their ambitious goals. In addition, I truly look forward to joining the team. There is a clear match on the business and the personal level.”

“We will continue our growth in two ways”, continues Bert Pauwels. “On the one hand we will continue our daily operations to secure our organic growth. On the other hand, we will pursue an active acquisition strategy. We will actively look for acquisition opportunities to further strengthen our services offering in Belgium and beyond.”

“We see a preference with our clients to work with fewer multi-disciplinary suppliers that can help them in many areas. And we hear from our clients that they want us to go with them if they go abroad. Our new acquisition strategy will help us meet our clients’ increasing international ambitions and it will provide great new career opportunities for our staff.”

“We can’t wait to start this new chapter. We can’t wait to start building Pauwels Consulting 2.0.”


For more information, please contact Bert Pauwels, Founder and CEO of Pauwels Consulting (, +32 9 324 70 80, or Hans Swinnen, Director at 3D Investments and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Pauwels Consulting (, +32 9 329 72 01,

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