This is the third article in our miniseries on using LinkedIn to build your brand, grow your network and find your dream job.

In our first article, we shared 5 tips to master LinkedIn. In our second article, we shared 8 tips to complete your LinkedIn profile. In this third article, we share 9 additional tips to polish your LinkedIn profile to further increase your chances of success.

First complete your LinkedIn profile

As we discussed before, having a complete LinkedIn profile is pivotal for your success on LinkedIn. Therefore, if you haven’t already done so, we recommend you to complete your LinkedIn profile first.

Once you have a 100% complete LinkedIn profile, the following tips can help you polish your profile to further increase your chances of receiving interesting opportunities through LinkedIn.

Now Polish your LinkedIn profile!


1. Use a neutral email address

Forget about your [email protected] email address. Use a neutral email address with your initials or your first and last name instead. A [email protected] or [email protected] email address will make a better impression.

2. Provide your phone number

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile - Job Application AcademyMake it easy for others to contact you. The benefits of adding your phone number to your LinkedIn profile will outweigh the potential drawbacks (if any).

Consider this: would you rather have one annoying phone call or would you rather miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime because you didn’t provide your number?

3. Include your Twitter accounts

If you’re active on Twitter (just having a sleeping account doesn’t count) and if the content of your tweets supports your personal brand, consider including your Twitter handles on your LinkedIn profile.

A word of caution: Don’t forward or republish your tweets on LinkedIn. Twitter and LinkedIn are two different networks with different (grammatical) rules. Nobody likes to see obscure tweets with handles and hashtags appear on their LinkedIn homepage.

4. Promote your websites

Include your own website(s) or your company website(s) if they support your professional brand. But please don’t just list your website as ‘Personal Website’ or ‘Company Website’.

When you enter the URL of your website, choose ‘Other’ from the dropdown menu. This will give you an extra field to put in your website’s full name and/or purpose. This is an easy way to improve your branding and visiblity.

5. Your Additional Info

At the bottom of your profile, you can use the ‘Additional Info’ section to tell others about your interests, personal details and ‘Advice for Contacting’.

Use this section to tell others how and when they can reach you. Mention your phone, email and website once more and add a phrase such as “Please feel free to contact me for [the things you want to do]. You can reach me at [your contact details].”

Again, make it as easy as possible for others to contact you. You don’t want to miss out on interesting opportunities, do you?

6. Give, receive and request recommendations

As we mentioned last week, adding recommendations to your LinkedIn profile is no longer to get a 100% complete profile, but it certainly helps you getting noticed on LinkedIn.

Personal recommendations act as ‘social proof’ for your qualities. This may increase your chances of getting contacted about interesting opportunities. Recommendations on LinkedIn come in 2 forms:

  • full recommendations: your connections can write a recommendation in which they highlight your skills, expertise and added value.
  • recommendations of your skills & expertise: your connections are automatically invited to recommend the skills and expertise which you highlighted in the skills & expertise section when they view your profile.

Both recommendations are great to receive, but full textual recommendations still have the most impact. If possible, try to get at least 3 such recommendations for each individual position on your LinkedIn profile:

  • 1 recommendation from a colleague to prove that you can work in a team
  • 1 recommendation from a superior to prove that you respect authority
  • 1 recommendadtion from a client to prove that your work is of satisfactory quality

The best way to receive recommendations is to proactively give recommendations to others and just… to ask for recommendations! Next time a client or superior compliments you, kindly thank that person and invite him or her to repeat this compliment on LinkedIn.

You can manage (give, receive, modify and approve) your recommendations directly from your LinkedIn profile page by hovering over the down arrow next to the “Edit Profile” button.

7. Spice up your LinkedIn profile with interactive elements

LinkedIn allows you to add (links to) presentations, videos, images and documents to almost every section and individual position on your LinkedIn profile.

Get discovered for your work - LinkedIn Profile - Pauwels Consulting Job Application Academy

Adding additional interactive elements to your profile will not only draw a more comlete picture of your skills and expertise, it will invite others to connect with you on other platforms (slideshare, youtube…) as well.

8. Create your profile in another language

If you are not a native speaker of English, it is always a good idea to translate your LinkedIn profile in your mothertongue. Visitors will be able to switch between your profiles by hovering over the language button under your profile picture.

Create your LinkedIn profile in another language - Pauwels Consulting Job Application Academy
Evidently, setting up and maintaining 2 (or more) LinkedIn profiles in different languages means extra work, but it will greatly increase your online visibility and findability and it will lower the treshold for others to contact you.

Translating your LinkedIn profile is very easy. The steps are explained in detail here.

9. Let go of your privacy!

These words may sound provocative, but loosening your privacy settings can seriously increase your chances of getting opportunities on LinkedIn and elsewhere on the internet. Elaborating on this point would lead us to far here though. This a blog post in its own right.

That is why we will devote a separate article to this controversial issue next week. Click the button below to receive our next articles in your mailbox as soon as they appear on this website.

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