Job hunting takes a lot of time and effort. Searching for job openings, networking, writing and rewriting resumes and cover letters, preparing, conducting and following up on job interviews… Often with little, no or negative feedback as a result.

Do you want to increase your chances of success? Do you want to land a job that truly suits you? Then the Job Application Academy may be just what you need. As of today we will be sharing practicable tips to help you find and land your dream job. Are you ready?

What is the Job Application Academy?

The Job Application Academy is an initiative of the recruitment team of Pauwels Consulting. At the moment our team consists of 10 recruiters. We hire engineering, pharma and IT consultants on a daily basis to lead and deliver projects with leading companies in Belgium and beyond.

Every single day we screen hundreds of resumes and cover letters. This leads to an average of 5 job interviews per day. As a result, we see many good but sadly even more mediocre and downright bad job applications. This is why we started the Job Application Academy.

The Job Application Academy is our attempt to increase your chances of success. Through the Job Application Academy we will regularly share our experiences and practicable job application tips that will help you prepare for, conduct and follow up on your job interviews.

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What can you expect from the Job Application Academy?

As of Monday, January 7, we will share a new article with job application tips every week. Each article will cover a different part of the application process. We will share tips regarding:

  • Your job orientation: Why, when and how do you look for a new job?
  • Your communication skills: Tips to improve your oral and written communication.
  • Your preparation: Tips to prepare yourself for job interviews.
  • Your interview techniques: Tips to conduct a winning interview.
  • Your follow-up: What to do after an interview and how to deal with the results.

On Monday, January 7, we will start with a series of 5 publications. If you subscribe to the Job Application Academy you will receive our articles in your mailbox automatically and free of charge.

What do we expect from you?

We expect nothing but we hope for your interest and enthusiasm. It is our goal to help as many people as possible. You can support our endeavour by subscribing our job application tips here and by sharing our job application tips with the people in your network.

In addition, please feel free to ask any questions or to share any comments through the forms under each article. We started The Job Application Academy for you. We hope we can help you find and land your dream job soon!

Questions or suggestions?

Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding the content of this article? Then please share your thoughts through the contact form below, and push the red button below to receive our future articles as soon as they are published on this website.

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If you are following us and if you have suggestions for us to further improve our services and/or the info we share, please feel free to let us know by phone (+32 9 320 70 80) or by email. We look forward to receiving your feedback!


The Job Application Academy is an initiative of the recruitment team of Pauwels Consulting. Click here to receive our latest tips straight in your mailbox. And please feel free to share our job application tips with the people in your network.

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