Are you looking for a new job? Do you want others to contact you about interesting jobs and business opportunities? Then it is time to optimize your LinkedIn Profile and to grow your online network.

This article is the first in a miniseries on using LinkedIn to build your brand, grow your network and find your dream job.

In this article you will learn about the massive potential of LinkedIn, and you will discover 5 Golden Tips to help you get the most from the network.

Some statistics to illustrate the potential of LinkedIn

Contrary to popular belief, your LinkedIn profile is NOT just your online resume. It is much more than that. Your LinkedIn profile is your ticket to the largest business network and perpetual job fair on earth.

Some statistics to illustrate the massive potential of LinkedIn:

  • As of early 2013, LinkedIn has over 200 million members. That’s a lot of interesting people to meet and connect with!
  • LinkedIn receives 2 new registrations per second. That is 172,800 new registrations… per day! Talking about a popular and accessible business network!
  • Do you think LinkedIn is just for international connections? Think again! LinkedIn has more than 1,45 million Belgian profiles!
  • As if that’s not enough, the number of Belgian LinkedIn members has grown by 31%… in just one year between March 2012 and March 2013.
  • In 2012, 98% of recruiters used LinkedIn. Do you want to get in front of recruiters? You know where to find them!
  • 75% of all LinkedIn members want to be approached for job opportunities, even though they are not actively searching. How about you?

In addition to these numbers, we see a sharp increase in the number of job opportunities that are shared on LinkedIn, and the number of people that find jobs through the network. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

And now for the best part: LinkedIn is free! So what are you waiting for?

The basics: Setting up your LinkedIn profile

Joining LinkedIn and setting up a basic LinkedIn profile are very easy steps. Just head over to, click “Join Today” and follow the instructions. That’s it… if you just want a basic profile. But a basic profile is just the beginning!

5 Golden tips to master LinkedIn

The following tips can help you get the most from LinkedIn. Big time!

1. Complete your LinkedIn profile

Unleash the Power of LinkedIn - 5 Tips to Grow your Network, Visibility, Findability and Success

Only 50.5% of all LinkedIn profiles are complete. However, according to LinkedIn, people with complete LinkedIn profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn.

Talking about an opportunity! If you complete your Linkedin profile, you beat half the LinkedIn population right away and you will get more opportunities as a result!

Completing your LinkedIn profile will give you an nice extra bonus: your profile will rank higher in the search results of online search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

With a complete profile, you will seriously increase your chances of getting found by recruiters and other talent scouts who are googling your name or who are looking for skills and expertise that you have mentioned on your profile.

So, Golden Tip #1: Complete your LinkedIn profile. In next week’s article, we will walk you through some tips and tricks to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Feel free to push the subscribe button below to receive next week’s article as soon as it is published.

2. Be honest on LinkedIn

This may sound like stating the obvious, but we mention it nonetheless. If you lie on your resume, that’s bad. If you lie or boast on LinkedIn, that’s like trying to game the entire business world. And not in the smartest way!

Imagine what would happen if others discover your dishonest intentions! And they will, since LinkedIn has the potential to link you to all business contacts you’ve ever met or worked with. It will just be a matter of time before your lies will be exposed.

Internet and social networks such as LinkedIn are like a giant stage. You can shine in front of the world, but you can also fail in front of the world. Try to aim for the first option!


3. Optimize your visibility on LinkedIn

As mentioned above, your LinkedIn profile is your entrance to the largest business network and job fair in the world. Treat your LinkedIn profile as such and make good use of it!

Make sure that your LinkedIn profile shows up in front of the right people, just like you would at network events and job fairs. You can optimize your visibility on LinkedIn in a number of ways, among which:

  • making approriate use of your activity broadcasts
  • sharing noteworthy news, tips and advice
  • sharing your opinions and starting discussions
  • following and responding to companies and thought leaders
  • starting and participating in LinkedIn groups
  • recommending other members’ skills and expertise

Two weeks from now, we will publish a blog post that will walk you through some practical tips and tricks to optimize your visibility on LinkedIn. Feel free to push the subscribe button below to receive this blog post as soon as it is published.

4. Optimize your findability on LinkedIn (and far beyond)

Having a complete LinkedIn profile and being active on LinkedIn will help you get noticed. However, with a bit of polishing you can make your LinkedIn profile irrestible to search engines.

You can optimize your findability on LinkedIn and the internet as a whole in a number of ways, among which:

  • optimizing your public LinkedIn profile
  • optimizing the use of keywords and keyphrases in your LinkedIn profile
  • using other applications such as Slideshare, Prezi etc. to complement and link to and from your LinkedIn profile
  • using your personal LinkedIn URL (with your own name) in your online and offline communications
  • referring to your LinkedIn profile on other websites and social media

We will elaborate on these points in our upcoming articles in this LinkedIn miniseries. In the meantime, it is pivotal to take Tip #5 into consideration.


5. Build and grow your network, not just your LinkedIn presence

Last but not least: build, grow and help your network. LinkedIn is about people, not about profiles. And it is about meeting and helping others, not just about making connections.

Share helpful information and insights, help others connect with likeminded professionals and keep your connections posted on interesting business opportunities.

The more people and businesses you will help, the more people and businesses will help you in the future. Reciprocity (exchanging things with others for mutual benefit) is an important concept in business and networking in particular. Why not start today?

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