Consultancy is a very special game. It is not as well-known as Monopoly or The Game of Life, but is at least as varied and challenging. Every day, as a recruiter at Pauwels Consulting, I note that there are still a lot of ambiguities regarding consultancy. Some people are not familiar with it at all, others might have a (partial) different perspective. This is the reason why I would like to introduce to you ‘the game of consultancy’. After all, no one enjoys to continue building houses if one knows that a hotel is within reach as well.

However, why would you choose the game of consultancy and not Monopoly, Cluedo or poker?

The answer is simple. Consultancy can open roads for you which otherwise could not be accessed. An employer has hired you, fully based on your knowledge. As such, you are given the opportunity to implement projects for a variety of interesting companies, which could result in securing permanent employment. Does that not feel infinitively better than just being sent out to find an offender, without any sound and reliable information? Are you not yet triggered, now you know the possibilities? Eager to finally go for a royal flush and abandon the world of meaningless two’s and sevens? If you are, do not hesitate to continue reading!

Are you familiar with the seven rules of the game of consultancy - Pauwels Consulting

The seven rules of the game of consultancy

1. The first rule is simple: look before you leap. Do not rush by plunging into the application process. First, you need to decide on your goals. Which job could make the difference for you? What sector is to the best of your liking? How would you like to proceed? Think well before making the first step.

Catch: Applying to all jobs you see or applying for the same job multiple times, but via a different party, is not a good idea at all. Ensure that the number of ongoing applications can be counted on one hand.

2. You visualised what you would like to achieve in your career? The time has come to take the next step: determine your strategy. You could decide to apply at the company itself, you could decide for a temporary employment agency or you could choose consultancy.

Catch: It is not a good choice to apply for the same job via various parties. As such, you burden your own opportunities. Moreover, your choice is decisive regarding who will be your future employer, something not to be taken lightly.

3. Following a thorough research, you opted for consultancy, but what next? Select a good partner to play the game. You will only achieve your goal if you cooperate with someone who has the same objective as you do.

Catch: You do not go to the bakery to buy meat, why then would you approach the incorrect party when it involves your career? Find a consultancy company which has sufficient knowledge of the sectors where you would like to work and which places your interest first.

4. You feel you have found a partner who will ensure your winning lottery ticket? Perfect! Meet your ally in person. Find out if you share the same values and clearly state which road you wish to take to ensure that no issues will arise along the way.

Catch: An interview is not an interrogation. It should at all times be prevented that you are bombarded with questions, yet at the end of the interview you experience you have not received any information yourself. Inform and be informed!

5. Teams have no winners and no losers. It is a pure win-win situation. Clearly state what your expertise is and in which manner you would like to use it in the game. Take an as wide as possible perspective. Each piece can be used in numeral manners.

Catch: It is not because you have been working in job X for a very long time or because you applied for job Y that jobs A, B and C could not be options for you. It is important that you can state your interests and all your professional experiences.

6. You are now almost ready to start. The message is simple: be efficient. If you have indeed selected the proper partner, he will only provide you with opportunities within your scope. If this does not apply, you must provide univocal feedback to ensure that the quest can be steered in the proper direction.

Catch: If you want to stay clear of being offered meaningless vacancies, make sure that you completed the previous step well. This is the case, but you are overwhelmed by all possible choices? Please repeat step 5 or select a new partner who will listen to you more intently.

7. A game can only be played in an honest manner if an open communication applies. Inform the other party on new turns. Honesty is the best policy.

Catch: Quality is the top priority. A good consultancy company will always want to meet you in person prior to starting the application process. An excellent consultancy company will also always ask your permission to introduce you for a job and will not forward your CV if this was already done by another party. In this case, betting on more than one horse will not win you the race. To the contrary, it will damage your professionalism.

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Annelies Muylaert - Pauwels ConsultingAnnelies Muylaert works as a recruitment consultant at Pauwels Consulting. She has a passion for lovely phrasing, intriguing books and her dog. She is happy when she is able to assist others in finding their ideal job and when she can write texts which support this objective.

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