On March 10, 2016, one of our company cars was stolen in Keerbergen. We sent out alerts via mail and social media immediately in order to increase our chances of recovering the black Audi A3.

We offered:

  • a nice reward for the person who could help us find the car
  • support for a charity of this person’s choice

Unfortunately in vain.

At least, that’s what we thought. Months went by without receiving any news regarding the whereabouts of the car. Until we received a phone call from the Netherlands last week.

We had a little chat with Ed, the person who found our company car in Haren and who reached out to us last week. A wonderful and incredible story!

Stolen company car found

Stolen company car found in the Netherlands

Hi Ed. Nice to meet you. First and foremost: thank you very much for helping us recover our company car. Can you please introduce yourself

Ed: You’re absolutely welcome. My name is Ed Dijkstra. I work as a gardener in Haren, not far from Groningen in The Netherlands.

When and how did you notice our car?

Ed: As a gardener I often work at the Stationsplein in Haren, a free parking lot at the Haren train station.

We maintain the greenery next to the parking lot: we weed, clip, prune, mulch etc. We often need large equipment for our work so we often put up signs to notify passers-by.

Despite our signs though, the car didn’t move. That looked quite suspicious to me.

What were your first thoughts?

Ed: At first I thought that one of your employees was working in Groningen. But the car stayed put day in, day out. That piqued my curiosity. (smiles)

So you decided to start an investigation?

Gestolen bedrijfsauto terechtEd: Something like that, yes. (laughs) There was a Pauwels Consulting sticker on the rear window. When I came home one night I looked up your website and I contacted you by phone. That’s when I learned that the black Audi A3 was stolen months before.

This week, the car was towed back to Belgium and I received a nice bottle of champagne. Very thoughtful! (laughs)

Soon you will receive another nice reward from Pauwels Consulting. In the meantime, Pauwels Consulting also wants to support a charity of your choice. Do you have any preferences in this respect?

Ed: Yes I do. I’d like you to support KiKa, Stichting Kinderen Kankervrij. This foundation supports research into chilren’s cancer to increase the chances of full recovery for as many patients as possible.

That’s a wonderful choice Ed. Any particular reason fort his choice?

Ed: As a child I spent quite some time in the hospital with children who fought cancer.

I was told that those children went home because they got better. Unfortunately that was often not the case, but as a child you do not fully grasp the harsh reality.

That’s something that has stuck with me all my life. So sad and moving… That’s why I choose KiKa now: I truly hope that your contribution will help our youngest cancer patients.

That’s a lovely motivation, Ed. Thanks again for your help. We look forward to supporting KiKa in your honor!

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  1. Fernand says:

    Hi Bert, increadable. The thief apparently only used it for transport, otherwise it would be gone or stripped


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