Pauwels Consulting is an organisation which regards knowledge sharing as one of its spearheads. We continuously invest in the further development of our experienced consultants. However, we invest just as much in the quick and efficient development of our more junior consultants.

Luc Marivoet, Senior Consultant Engineering Services, and Elodie Ancion, Junior Consultant Engineering Services, are a good example. Luc has over twenty-five years of quality management experience in a diversity of branches and Elodie is new to this professional area.

To enable Elodie to acquire relevant experience as quickly as possible, she currently works on a variety of quality management projects related to different clients, under the supervision of her mentor Luc. These projects include various phases and components of quality management.

We had the opportunity to talk to Luc and Elodie in relation to their background, their quality management projects and the advantages of their close cooperation.

Senior-junior quality management- relevant experience, fresh insights

Luc and Elodie, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Luc: My pleasure! My name is Luc and I am fifty-one years old. I have over twenty-five years of experience in quality management positions and have been working for Pauwels Consulting for four years.

Currently, my daily tasks include the set-up, implementation and maintenance of certified ISO 9001 quality management systems, mainly for a large organisation in the railway sector.

Elodie: My name is Elodie and I am twenty-six years old. I have recently completed my study quality management and started working for Pauwels Consulting since last December. Just as Luc, my daily tasks include the set-up, implementation and maintenance of certified ISO 9001 quality management systems. Currently, my main tasks are related to projects at life sciences organisations.

You started working in close cooperation in December 2016. Could you briefly describe how this actually works in practice?

Luc: Absolutely. We are both responsible for the set-up and implementation of a certified ISO 9001 quality management system at various clients. I am responsible for the strategic and operational planning and support Elodie during the execution.

I also have a meeting with our clients once or twice a month to maintain the strategic focus, to think about new ideas, to search for creative solutions and to further optimise our cooperation.

Elodie: During the implementation of quality management systems, I am mainly responsible for the operational section linked to the specific activities of the company (products or services). However, I am also responsible for the implementation and the optimisation of the process approach and I provide support in other fields of importance to the quality.

I work on location for various clients and Luc visits on a regular basis. Furthermore, we always keep in contact to ensure that we provide an optimal service to our clients.

What does a standard workweek look like for you? When and how do you consult each other?

Luc: As I mentioned before, I currently work at a large company in the railway sector. My task is to maintain the ISO 9001 quality management system via monitoring and improvement processes. Jointly with my colleagues, I conduct internal quality audits for example to verify whether the ISO 9001 quality management system is implemented effectively and whether it is maintained well.

By means of providing training sessions and the monthly ‘quality newsletters’, we also try to make everyone aware of the quality management system. I organise these training sessions myself and am also involved in the editorial work related to the ‘quality newsletters’.

With regard to the quality management projects I jointly work on with Elodie, my main task is to ensure that our strategic and operational planning is observed. I am also involved in the preparation of specific quality management processes: internal audits, assessment of the management, competence management, change management, quality plan, etc.

Elodie and I are in contact at least once a week, either by email, telephone and meetings. During these meetings, we discuss the status of the project and address any possible issues.

Elodie: I currently work on a variety of quality management projects. My main focus is the process approach and the operational section related to quality. My work continues to be very divers.

Each project has its own specific properties and objectives. Some projects are focused on the implementation of an ISO 9001 quality management system. This could include certification, but this is not always the case. Other projects are more focused on an update or an optimisation of the system. After all, each organisation is unique.

I also assist and advise clients on a variety of topics related to quality. It goes without saying that Luc supports me at all times.

In your view, what are the major advantages of this cooperation?

Luc: As senior, I can first and foremost pass along a lot of knowledge and experience. Moreover, this cooperation provides the opportunity to assist more clients on strategic level as well as on the operational level.

This also ensures fresh insights and new ideas. After all, contrary to working individually, a cooperation offers more input of a vast variety of ideas, new views, skills and knowledge, based on the different background of your colleague. As such, we are mutually enhancing, since two minds are better than one.

The input of a younger colleague is refreshing for me, because after a while, you get a bit stuck in your own style and methods. Cooperating with a younger colleague opens a new world for me.

Elodie: Thanks to this experience, I can quickly and efficiently acquire experience in a variety of projects. Luc is always available and gives me valuable advice. It goes without saying that my learning curve is steep.

I also work on location at the client on a daily basis. This allows me to consult Luc on the valuable impressions I am confronted with. As such, I can take decisions which are perfectly tuned to the needs of the client.

This all sounds very interesting! Luc, Elodie, thank you for the interview and here’s wishing you success with your projects!

Junior-senior kwaliteitsmanagement- relevante ervaring, frisse inzichten v1

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