Things are moving fast at Pauwels Consulting. Just last week we wrote about the expansion of our engineering team, but it doesn’t stop there.

In the past 7 weeks Pauwels Consulting recruited a whopping 9(!) new colleagues for our internal team in Belgium: 8 recruiters and 1 account manager.

We sat down with Sophie Van Der Sypt, our senior recruiter in charge of internal recruitment and coaching, to learn more about the growth of our recruitment team.

Sophie, tell us: how long have you been working for Pauwels Consulting?

Sophie: It’s been about 4 years now. I started working as a recruitment consultant in 2014. Since then I have been working for the engineering team to find new engineering consultants to work on our external projects.

But recently you switched positions?

Sophie: That’s right. Last spring, we noticed a strong increase in projects, so we decided to focus more of our attention on the expansion of our internal team and the onboarding of new colleagues.

We want to help our clients and our candidates as quickly and as efficiently as possible, but high quality remains the most important thing. In order to safeguard our high quality service, we had to hire extra colleagues.

That’s why I have been working exclusively on the recruitment and coaching of our internal recruiters since May 2018. We installed a complete training and coaching program to welcome our new employees and to show them the tricks of the trade.

Today you seem to be picking the fruits of your labor.

Sophie: Yes, fortunately (laughs). In the past 7 weeks, we attracted 9 new colleagues: 8 recruitment consultants and 1 extra account manager to stay on top of our life sciences projects in Wallonia.

Our two most recent recruitment consultants started working for us just last week. The onboarding programs are in full swing. All of our new colleagues are completely integrated already and most of them are up and running. We really hit the jackpot with these great new people.

Can you tell us a bit about your new colleagues, Sophie?

Sophie: Well, we have assembled a nice and diverse team of recruitment consultants. Some of them have a lot of experience, others are a bit more green. But they all have two things in common: strong motivation and the will to succeed. These traits are essential when joining Pauwels Consulting (smiles).

I heard you’re still looking for one more colleague?

Sophie: Absolutely. We are currently looking for an extra IT recruiter to join our Antwerp team. This new colleague has to be highly motivated and fluent in Dutch and English. A good sense of humor is a very nice to have.

Do you have any last words to persuade the ideal candidate?

Sophie: As a recruiter in Antwerp you will have a tremendous amount of freedom to sculpt your own job. Meanwhile, you will get a lot of responsibilities in creating the success and results for our clients and candidates. It is a varied job that will bring you great satisfaction.

On top of this, you’ll become part of a team of great colleagues… and in the very near future you’ll be working in one of the most beautiful (new) office buildings of Antwerp.

Are you excited? Make sure you get in touch with me. I’ll be more than happy to tell you all about it (laughs).

Thank you for your time, Sophie, and good luck finding the perfect recruitment consultant for the Antwerp team.

Interested to work for us as a recruiter in Antwerp? Don’t hesitate to contact Sophie Van Der Sypt at or +32 9 276 31 35.

Talk to you soon!


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