In the first episode of the film The Matrix, the main character Neo is offered the choice to take a red pill or a blue pill. The blue pill will keep him ignorant of the real world around him. The red pill will show him the true mechanics that rule the world.

Most of us take pills and other medicines on a regular basis but few of us like to think about their origin, quality and safety. We simply take their quality for granted. We assume their safety. Can you live with this ignorance or do you want to know more about the medicines your life depends on?

Where do your medicines come from?

Most of us take medicines on a regular basis. We swallow, inhale or inject drugs to prevent or fight diseases, to relieve us from pain and to improve our overall quality of life. Medicines often mean the difference between life and death.

With the importance of medicines in mind, it strikes me that most patients know so little about the origin, quality and safety or the drugs they rely on. We assume that others safeguard our medicines, but we don’t know how they do it.

Pauwels Consulting - Do you trust the pills you took today?

Are your medicines safe?

Rest assured. There is a strictly regulated world behind our drugs. A world that is based on rules and best practices and that is governed by health authorities such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US and het Federaal Agentschap voor Geneesmiddelen en Gezondheidsproducten (FAGG) in Belgium.

All phases in the production, storage, transport and distribution of drugs are closely monitored from the moment that raw materials are harvested to the moment that you buy your drugs from your local pharmacist. This way we can be spared from counterfeit and contaminated drugs.

Would you like to know more?

I have been working in the pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years now. Over the years I have been involved with the production, packaging, qualification, validation and quality assurance of medicines for leading pharmaceutical companies.

Would like to know more about how your daily dose of medicines is manufactured and how it travels the world before it lands on the shelves of your local pharmacist? Then keep a close eye on this blog!

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In the next few months, my colleagues and I will introduce you to the interesting world behind your drugs. A world that is normally hidden from your eyes. A world that is concerned with only 1 thing: your safety.

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Luc Huybreghts - Pauwels ConsultingLuc Huybreghts has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 25 years. As a subject matter expert for temperature-controlled storage, transport and distribution Luc now uses his experience to develop strategies and implement qualified solutions for top clients in Belgium and beyond.

Luc is a regular invited speaker at pharmaceutical conferences around the world.

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