Pauwels Green Challenge voor Rode Neuzen Dag

Pauwels Green Challenge – 3 to 7 June

June 3, it’s international bike day. We would like to contribute to this sporty concept and thought about a nice initiative that encourages you to go to work green and gets you moving. To motivate you, we’re donating €0,50 for every green kilometer you travel to and from work during the week of 3 to 7 June to Kris and Rode Neuzen Dag (Red Nose Day)! Whether you run, bike, hike, step or hoverboard to work, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s green and healthy!

dodentocht kris van nieuwenhove


Kris Vannieuwenhove is a Pauwels consultant for about 4 years now and works as a OpEx Project Lead. Perhaps you know him from our Pauwels Lean Academy? Kris sets himself a goal every year: walk the 100km Dodentocht, find sponsors and raise as much money as possible for Rode Neuzen Dag (Red Nose Day)! We’ve supported Kris for a couple of years now but this year is a bit different, because Pauwels Consulting is turning 20! So we decided to do something extra for our people. That’s why we’re donating the funds we raise with our Pauwels Green Challenge to Kris and Red Nose Day. Kris will be walking an extra 50 km to hand over the donation in the Q Studio.

Rode Neuzen Dag or Red Nose Day is an initiative set up by Q Music to raise money for the social, physical and mental well being of kids and young adults in schools. If you’d like to know more about this charity event, click here. The end show is taking place November 29, 2019

So who wants to help Kris and us raise money to donate to Red Nose Day?

How can you help?


  1. Go to work green : run, bike, hike, step or with whatever you come up with that’s green & healthy!
  2. Take a picture and send it to Laurence: or +32496657673.
  3. Log your kilometers and register them via our online form below OR join the ‘Pauwels Peloton’ on Strava and register your kilometers in our group.
  4. Optional: Send Kris an e-mail to wish him good luck with his Dodentocht on August 9, or if you’re up for it walk a couple of kilometers with him while he practices the 29th of June. 

Register your green kilometers here: