Pauwels Consulting is powering ahead. The company has been one of the fastest-growing companies in Flemish Brabant for many years and the engineering team at Pauwels Consulting is now looking for its third account manager in less than two years to keep up with the team’s growth.

We spoke with Jan Fyens, director of engineering, about the engineering team, the services provided by Pauwels Consulting and the desired profile for the new account manager.

Jan, I understand that the engineering team is doing well?

Jan: We can’t complain. (Laughter.) We had a strong start to the year and expect this trend to continue. We’re also working on longer projects that will already run until the end of 2019.

Moreover, we’re still seeing lots of new business opportunities both here in Belgium and abroad. Our aim is to grow further and acquire experience in new markets. Therefore, it’s time to sharpen our ambitions.

And is that why you’re looking for an extra account manager?

Jan: Exactly. We’re currently looking for an extra colleague who can help monitor our customers in Wallonia and expand our business there.

Two additional account managers have already joined the engineering team in the past two years and soon that number will be three. How do you explain the strong growth?

Jan: We always keep two things in mind at Pauwels Consulting: quality and personal monitoring. The better we know our customers, the more quality we can deliver. And the more quality we deliver, the better our customers know us.

The three account managers will both monitor our existing customers and attract new ones. They will also spend a lot of time monitoring our employees, since at the end of the day our consultants are the driving force behind our projects.

Because our team will now have three account managers, I’ll also have a bit more space to elaborate our long-term engineering vision. For example, we’re actively considering various service models and the development of our services in new markets both in Belgium and abroad.

What services does the Pauwels Consulting engineering team currently offer?

Jan: Good question. We currently do much more than simply supporting drawings, permits and calculations, which are things people immediately associate with the concept of engineering.

Our engineering consultants increasingly supervise our customers during the entire lifespan of a project. We’re involved from the creation and realisation of project concepts, the detailed study, the tendering and the (technical) procurement, right up to on-site monitoring, in terms of production, warehousing and construction.

In our experience, our customers often demand expertise in high voltage, low voltage, mechanics, civil engineering and piping, fields where we have extensive knowledge and experience.

We work mostly, but not exclusively, for companies active in the energy sector, petrochemicals and offshore, railways and infrastructure and heavy industry.

Have you noticed any significant evolutions in the service provision?

Jan: We mainly help our customers by providing expertise to the client/principal during the entire duration of the project. These are often multi-year projects with enormous added value.

In the early years of Pauwels Consulting, we mainly saw a strong demand for individual expertise based on project sourcing, whereas we now see an evolution towards an integrated approach to projects. For example, we already have several ongoing projects where we’re present with a full site-based team.

We have a customer in the Kempen area for example where today we’re delivering a complete safety team to monitor the construction of one of the most complex logistics installations in Belgium. This is a complicated project with many different stakeholders and more than 600 workers working for dozens of contractors. An instructive experience!

Are there also any substantive shifts?

Jan: Definitely. For example, we have to keep a close eye on developments in the field of regulations and safety. Our customers set strict requirements in these domains, because they in turn also have to meet strict requirements. The regulations change weekly and differ per region and in the different countries where we operate. I think this is one of the most important challenges faced by our organisation.

In recent years, we have helped a lot of customers with implementing quality management systems and obtaining ISO 9001:2015 certification. Moreover, we obtained the VCA* certificate. In our organisation, safety is the priority.

Let’s return briefly to the engineering team, Jan. What’s the secret of your winning team?

Jan: We all work with tons of enthusiasm, we have a clear long-term vision, we have a lot of trust in each other and we try to make the projects as challenging and pleasant as possible for our consultants. It’s a great way to work.

Sounds good, Jan. What are you looking for in the new account manager?

Jan: We are looking for an ambitious and flexible colleague with experience in consultancy, business development and account management, who can build new customer relationships and extend existing ones. Perfect command of French and English is a must, a healthy dose of humour would be a very-nice-to-have. (Laughter.)

I’m sure you’ll find someone! Thank you for this interview, Jan, and good luck with your search for a new engineering account manager.

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