Trends Gazelles join forces

“The acquisition of Itelco enables us to further extend our services and flexibility to our clients.”

Ghent, 28 November 2013 – Pauwels Consulting, the Belgian consulting firm with offices in Belgium and Switzerland today announced the acquisition of Itelco. Itelco is a Belgian multi-disciplinary project sourcing and recruitment specialist with offices in Europe and the Middle East. Thanks to this acquisition, Pauwels Consulting strengthens its position as a multi-disciplinary project sourcing partner for leading companies in Europe and the Middle East.

Pauwels Consulting and Itelco have reached an agreement to join forces. Pauwels Consulting was founded in 1999. In the past years, the company developed as a multi-disciplinary international project sourcing partner in the field of Engineering, Life Sciences and IT. Itelco was founded in 1992. In recent years, the company has specialised in project sourcing, corporate recruitment and executive search for companies in Europe and the Middle East.

As of today, Itelco will operate as an independent business unit of Pauwels Consulting. Itelco Director Frederick De Sloover stays on to manage the day-to-day activities and to look after the quality and continuity of the business. The acquisition by Pauwels Consulting will support the further professionalization of the new business unit.

Exponential growth requires professional support

Itelco Director Frederick De Sloover welcomes the acquisition: “In order to support Itelco’s exponential growth, the company needs professional support and structure. I am therefore pleased and proud to team up with a top company like Pauwels Consulting.”

Bert Pauwels, Managing Director of Pauwels Consulting, is also very happy with this acquisition: “I have followed Itelco for quite a while. I admire the way in which Mr. De Sloover has optimized his company in the past few years. Mr. De Sloover focused on quality and profitability extremely well. As a result, Itelco became one of the fastest growing companies in Flanders in a very short time.”

Trends Gazelles join forces

With the acquisition of Itelco, two Trends Gazelles join forces. With a team of more than 320 specialists and a joint budgeted turnover of more than 24 million euro, Pauwels Consulting and its new business unit now have even more quality, diversity and flexibility on board to support its international clients. The Itelco employees and clients will definitely benefit from this acquisition as well.

Our clients and staff will benefit the most

Bert Pauwels: “Pauwels Consulting and Itelco’s clients and staff will benefit the most from this acquisition. Quality and flexibility are of paramount importance to our companies. We both have a wonderful team of employees. The merger of our teams will undoubtedly lead to a transfer of knowledge and further extension of our services.

Mr. De Sloover and I look forward to further extend our services to our clients and to support the further growth of Pauwels Consulting and its new business unit on a strong and healthy foundation.”

For more information, contact Bert Pauwels at [email protected]

For more information on Itelco, please visit

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