Niels Colson, CEO of AlphaZ and his business partner Dieter Aelvoet, founder and CEO of AIM Group, are happy with the new home they’re giving AlphaZ at Pauwels Consulting. 

AlphaZ overgenomen door Pauwels Consulting

Congratulations on the acquisition! Can you briefly introduce yourself? 

Niels: I am Niels Colson, 36 years old, father of two rascals that lives in Ghent as a ‘Limburger’. I have a degree as an aerospace & aviation engineer with a Master in Business from Vlerick. After my studies, I started working as a business consultant but after a while, I missed the technical aspect in my job.

Together with my Vlerick fellow student Dieter Aelvoet, I started a new adventure by taking over DD engineering that was based in Ypres. Business went so well, we decided to expand our activities a year later with AlphaZ.

How does AlphaZ distinguish itself from the competition?

Bert: From the first contact, I knew Niels and Dieter were young and ambitious entrepreneurs that had built out a great company. The two professionals hired very capable employees, and lifted AlphaZ to the next level, together with their employees, in just a few years.

Niels: AlphaZ arose from market demand, a need that we quickly identified with our customers. Project sourcing of technical experts (engineering, piping, mechanics, work planners, etc.) and safety specialists is a niche in which few consultancy companies are specialized. This, combined with our expertise and the values that our people carry out on a daily basis, was a recipe for success. 

Niels Colson - Overname AlphaZ door Pauwels Consulting

How would you describe those values and work ethics?

Niels: We highly value respect and trust in all its facets. Giving our employees the space to develop themselves and to assume their responsibilities, plays a major role in this. In addition, our drive to excellence is very important, we are always 200% committed to our projects. We do what we say and we say what we do. Personal communication and ‘straight talk’ is therefore the third pillar within AlphaZ. 

Bert: It was very clear from our first contact: Niels and Dieter focus on the quality of their business in combination with the right values. All these ingredients are of importance if you want to succeed! AlphaZ has a strong company culture that perfectly matches Pauwels Consulting’s. A match made in heaven?

After such a successful path, you nevertheless make the decision to merge AlphaZ with Pauwels Consulting?

Niels: Yes, I always want to commit fully to my companies. Focus is very important, which is not always easy with 3 successful companies. I am convinced that the consultancy trend will continue strongly and the demand for technical experts will only increase. Hence the decision to look for the right partner for AlphaZ, so we can go back to our core activities. In Pauwels Consulting, we have found the ideal partner that can offer added value to both our consultants, and our customers.

The talks and negotiations went very smoothly and I’m proud of what we achieved in the short term. I can therefore ‘hand over’ my colleagues and activities to Pauwels Consulting with confidence. I know it will feel as much as ‘a coming home’ for them, as for me.

In what way can Pauwels Consulting definitely be of added value?

Niels: With Pauwels Consulting, our customers certainly get a quality partner in terms of reputation and continuity. The large number of experts in engineering, but also in IT and life sciences can be a great addition for our big clients.

Our employees will certainly find the number and the type of projects, the large network and the new customers they can work at, very interesting. In addition, there are the countless training courses, events, academies, etc. The company DNA will feel as unchanged but their possibilities are much greater.

Bert: We want to continue the good work and guarantee continuity. We hope that Pauwels will feel like a 2nd home to them. We want to further support and guide all 27 employees in their specialization. On top of that, we can certainly offer additional career opportunities or challenging projects abroad. 

The customers, we want to convince with our personal approach and our talented team of more than 600 experts. Above all, the fact that we can assist them in multiple domains: IT, life sciences and engineering should be of added value.

Niels en Bert Alphaz-Pauwels Consulting

What does the future hold?

Niels: Dieter and I will continue to focus on successfully developing our two other companies: DD Engineering and INDIGI. We simply want to remain the high-quality partner that we have always been.

Bert: I have had great ambitions for over 20 years. I live and work according to the philosophy that you should try to be better today than yesterday. With this passion and dedication, I want to work hard , and together with my wonderful team, make Pauwels Consulting a European player active in Engineering, Life Sciences and IT. Becoming the biggest is not our ambition, but becoming and remaining the best, is. And I believe that this vision will surely translate in continued growth over the coming years.