Pauwels Consulting is involved in challenging projects with leading pharmaceutical companies in Belgium and beyond. In this interview Guy Hoskens, Consultant Pharma Services with Pauwels Consulting, introduces us to one of his projects. This project is aimed at studying and minimizing temperature fluctuations of ambient shipments during international air transport.

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At the moment, Guy Hoskens is involved in 4 projects:

  • a project that will lead to the development of a quality system for the transport organization of our pharmaceutical partner
  • a project in which Guy offers support to streamline the execution of general operational affairs
  • a study of temperature fluctuactions during international transports of ambient goods
  • a project in which a strategy will be set up to protect ambient goods during air transport

Ambient products need to be preserved between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. As a result the transport of ambient goods is strictly monitored. The aim of the study on temperature fluctuations of ambient products serves 2 goals:

  • keeping the transportation flows under control so that the ambient products reach patients in good condition
  • keeping the pharmaceutical organization compliant with all laws regarding temperature-controlled transport

As project manager Guy has been involved in the project from the very start. The project has 3 phases:

    • stage 1: preparation
      During the first stage of the project Guy studied similar studies and relevant laws on the transport of ambient products. Then he wrote a project protocol and he informed and trained all stakeholders in the project.
    • stage 2: commercial shipments
      During the second stage of the project commercial shipments are being sent from Belgium to partners across the globe. These shipments are closely monitored. Guy’s responsibilities include the selection of the test orders, informing all parties involved and monitoring the data collection of the different shipments.
    • stage 3: reporting
      In the third stage of the project all data from the shipments will be collected, analyzed and summarized in a report. The report will present conclusions and recommendationas to ensure that the transport of ambient goods is compliant with the latest laws on this matter.

The pharmaceutical industry is a very dynamic work environment. As Guy puts it: “The transport of ambient goods has to comply with strict laws and regulations, but no one tells you how to organize such transports.” The ever-changing nature of the laws on this matter makes the transport of ambient goods both challenging and fascinating.

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Guy Hoskens - Pharma Services Consultant - Pauwels ConsultingGuy has been working with Pauwels Consulting since early 2012. Prior to joining our team, Guy has worked for 3 years at one of the largest chemical organizations In Belgium. Guy has over 3 years of experience in logistics. At the moment Guy works as project manager at one of the largest pharmaceutical partners of Pauwels Consulting in Belgium.

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