In our series “Consultants tell their stories”, today we want to introduce you to Frans Bosselaar. Frans is Head of Quality of a Biotech startup. Frans joined Pauwels Consulting in 2012.
Frans, could you tell us more about yourself ?

Frans Bosselaar - Pauwels ConsultingMy name is Frans Bosselaar. After finishing my Master’s in Food Technology at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands, I have held several QA jobs in the pharmaceutical industry.

Since 1995 I have been responsible for, among others, the implementation of Quality Management Systems, Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Research and Development, Validation Projects, Supply Chain Management and General Management.

I have been living in Belgium since 2006. I joined Pauwels Consulting in 2012.

How and when did you learn about Pauwels Consulting?

In 2010, I was approached by Tijs, a recruiter at Pauwels Consulting. At that time I was still employed full-time. I wasn’t interested in a new career.

In the fall of 2011 however I decided to start working freelance, so I contacted Pauwels Consulting. I spoke to Niels, Van and Bert and got a positive impression of Pauwels Consulting. We decided to work together.

Why did you choose to start working freelance, and what keeps you doing so?

I have worked as an employee for a long time, during which I worked with many consultants. After a while I decided that, when the time was ripe, I would also change to consultancy.

In 2011 the opportunity arose and I took the step. The main reasons for my choice were the freedom, flexibility and challenges that you experience as a consultant.

What do you do besides work?

In my free time I enjoy working in the garden. I also enjoy taking care of my saltwater aquarium. And I follow an MBA at the Vlerick Business School to further my development as a consultant.

You are currently working on a project at a biotech startup. Is this your first assignment via Pauwels Consulting?

My first assignment, as ‘Senior Quality Expert of Supplier Quality’, was to analyze the impact of the new GDP guidelines. This was soon expanded when I was asked to support the Supplier Quality department at a local and European level.

What exactly does your current job entail?

As head of the quality department, it is my job to improve the quality awareness in all departments of the company.

The focus of the company is on the research and development of new medicines. The production and routine analysis functions are outsourced. It is my job to guide this process (selecting, qualifying and monitoring suppliers and partners) in the right direction.

This is a very interesting and challenging job, as we discussed in a previous blog post on this website.

What do you like about the project?

There is a lot of variety and I can really make a difference. Because I have been involved in this startup from the beginning, I can develop and implement the quality systems directly.

Are there also less pleasant sides to the project?

My job requires a lot of traveling, and combined with my studies this is demanding. It requires careful planning.

What are your personal ambitions for the future?

I want to continue my development and I want to create opportunities to work as an interim manager in other functions and in other industries.

Do you have any tips for new / future colleagues ?

Just go for it!

Frans Bosselaar has 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has been working for Pauwels Consulting since 2012. Frans has extensive experience in the production, qualification, validation, supply chain management and quality control of pharmaceutical drugs. He is currently working as Head of Quality at a biotech startup and is studying towards an MBA from the Vlerick Business School.

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