“In the future every company will become a software company.”

It’s a bold statement by Mark Andreessen who summarized it also as ‘Software is eating the world’ but it’s definitely a vision we share at Pauwels Consulting.
So we’re inviting you to join in on the conversation at our event and share your light on this exciting topic.

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5th of

JUNE 2019


09:00 – Reception & coffee breakfast

09:30 – Introduction by Pieter Ardinois, IT Business Unit Director @PauwelsConsulting

10:00 – Software Is Eating The World – Marc De Leenheer, Zero Touch DevOps @Tunitas

11:00 – Business Case DevOps

12:00 – Network & Connect lunch

PieterArdinois    Marc De Leenheer - Tunitas



Pauwels Consulting Offices, Kunstlaan 56, 1000 Brussels
Talks: Mona Lisa room, first floor
Lunch: Cafetaria, ground floor

Looking into our own organizations today, we have to admit that our processes are being run on software. Industries are considering, or are already, delivering online services.

With software development as a corporate priority, we are now looking for much more streamlined development and software delivery processes. This shift is the heart of digital transformation. Within this transformation, the role of the IT department is changing drastically. Rather than controling and provisioning resources, IT is taking control of the process and is orchestrating the use of hybrid infrastructural components. This leads to integrating development and deployment into a unified continuous process.

At Pauwels we understand that implementing agile software delivery requires a different set of skills than what’s mainstream at the moment. We notice that companies are starting to define new roles to shape the digital transformation. As a trusted partner in staffing & consulting, it’s our mission to contribute to this movement by allying with strategic partners who are bringing this expertise in our teams and can guide our customers in implementing the right approach.

Let us take you on that journey during our Digital Transformation Talks.

Join in on our DevOps conversation

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