DevOps as a key component in your business strategy

DevOps - Digital Transformation Talks

Last month we were happy to welcome the attendees of our first seminar in our new Brussels office at Avenue des Arts. The spacious venue, delicious cookies and fresh coffee got us started for a morning full of valuable insights on the technical side of digital transformation.


At Pauwels Consulting we see our mission in the IT market as twofold: bringing the right consultants to the right job and developing knowledge in the market by understanding how companies are organizing themselves in the inevitable digital transformation.


Marc Tunitas - DevOps Digital Transformation Talks


Digital transformation means accepting that you’re becoming a software company.” We learned that accepting this will not be enough. It requires hard work, strong governance and the right tooling to create an environment where systems orchestration is automated as much as possible.

Marc De Leenheer, founder of Tunitas, introduced us to the concepts of DevOps, the importance of testing and taking small steps. He brought cases and backed them up each with a theoretical background and some insights from the field.


 Cloudalize DevOps Digital Transformation Talks


Benny Willen, who is the CEO and founder of Cloudalize, took us further on the impact of DevOps in his company. Cloudalize is a Belgian Tech Startup that offers on-demand GPU from the cloud and desktop as a service. With investments from VH Horizons and a partnership with NVIDIA, they bring a story every tech head gets enthusiastic about.


Having listened to all those insightful stories, we took the time to discuss and digest the information with our guests over lunch offered by our restaurant. Looking back at our first seminar and based on the feedback of our guests we are proud that this will not stay a single initiative.


If you are interested in the slides of the seminar, you can fill in the form and we’ll send you the presentation.