Every year we are making New Year’s resolutions. This also counts for Pauwels Consulting. We hope 2013 will be a healthy, happy and successful year for everybody, but we know already that it is going to be a sporty year. Since 1 January Pauwels Consulting is a proud sponsor of “Be a Hero for One Day”, the latest project of Marathon Man Stefaan Engels.

Pauwels Consulting, Proud Sponsor of Be a Hero For One DayWho or what is Marathon Man?

Marathon Man is a household name in the international sports world. Marathon Man, in real life called Stefaan Engels, is a sports enthusiast from Ghent. In 2010 he ran a marathon every day in the most beautiful places around the world. That is 365 marathons in one year! Marathon Man now spends his time promoting sports to schools, businesses and the general public.

Who or what is Hero for One Day?

In 2013 Marathon Man will involve us all in his new challenge: Be a Hero for One Day. In 2013 marathons will be run daily around the Watersportbaan in Ghent by people like you and me, individual sports enthusiasts and athletic families, friends and businesses.

Are you a Hero for One Day?

This year I want to run at least 1,000 kilometers on behalf of Pauwels Consulting. Not individually, but as a team. As the “Heroes of Pauwels Consulting”. 1000 Kilometers is a challenge that can be achieved, but only if you help me. Therefore I invite you to run with the Heroes of Pauwels Consulting and to become for at least one day the sportiest person in the world.

Pauwels Consulting is proud sponsor of Be A Hero For One Day

How can you participate?

You can register by calling 09 – 324 70 80 or by sending an e-mail to participate for free in one or more running events of the Heroes of Pauwels Consulting. We will mostly run at the Watersportbaan in Ghent, except for April. In April we participate in the Antwerp 10 Miles. In Ghent you can join us by running 5 or 10 km or a full marathon (42.195 km). In Antwerp you can run 5 or 16 km.

Saturday 9 FebruaryWatersportbaan Ghent*5, 10 or 42,195km
Saturday 2 MarchWatersportbaan Ghent*5, 10 or 42,195km
Sunday 21 AprilAntwerp 10 Miles, Antwerp5 of 16 km
Wednesday 8 MayWatersportbaan Ghent*5, 10 or 42,195km
Wednesday 22 MayWatersportbaan Ghent*5, 10 or 42,195km
Saturday 15 JulyWatersportbaan Ghent*5, 10 or 42,195km
Saturday 15 SeptemberWatersportbaan Ghent*5, 10 or 42,195km

* Bloso Centrum, Zuiderlaan 14, 9000 Ghent

Participation is for free and will give you a great sporty feeling. In addition, Pauwels Consulting will provide for a cosy atmosphere, a packed goody bag, drinks, etc. And we have an additional stimulus in store for you!

Run with us and protect children against paralysis

Pauwels Consulting - Proud Sponsor of Marathon Man 2013As an additional stimulus to run with us at least once we are sponsoring Unicef’s polio vaccinations. These vaccinations are protecting children around the world against paralysis and death. So put on your running shoes and protect the lives of our children. The more we run, the more children we can help:

– 1000 kilometres = 2000 children protected
– 2000 kilometres = 5000 children protected
– 3000 kilometres = 10000 children protected

Sign up now!

Whether you are an athlete or not, everybody can run 5 km in 2013. If you need help or advice on how to start or how to improve your running skills then we are always here to help you out! So write down your new year’s resolution and register for at least one of our running events via the red button below. Then press the other button to receive all the sports updates (and reminders for events) of the Heroes of Pauwels Consulting in your mailbox.


See you on the track!

Bert Pauwels.

The Heroes of Pauwels Consulting is an initiative of Pauwels Consulting. We want to live a conscious, healthy and sporty life in 2013. We attach great importance to a healthy mind in a healthy body. And by running as the Heroes of Pauwels Consulting we can help exterminate polio.

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