On Wednesday, November 23, 2016, Pauwels Consulting participated in the BCF Career Event for Bio, Chemistry, Food & Pharma professionals at the Ghent International Convention Center (ICC).

We had a short interview with Niels Declerck, Key Account Manager at Pauwels Consulting, about the importance of this career event and the original contest Pauwels Consulting arranged for its visitors.

Niels, first of all, can you briefly tell us more about the BCF Career Event?

Niels: Sure. The BCF Career Event is a large career fair for Bio/Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food and Pharma students and professionals. The previous edition took place on November 23rd, 2016 at the Ghent ICC.

During this one-day event, visitors could meet with 50 companies, knowledge institutes and recruitment agencies. In other words, it was the place to be to kickstart or boost your career in the Bio/Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food and/or Pharma industries.

Why exactly is this fair so important for Pauwels Consulting?

Niels: At Pauwels Consulting, we take great pride in finding the best professionals to staff the projects of our clients. At the same time, we want to make sure that young and seasoned professionals get the chance to work on the projects they are looking for.

We take our job as “corporate matchmaker” serious. That’s why we participated in this fair. There were about 800 to 1.000 job seekers and students. That’s a huge potential for Pauwels Consulting and our clients. We wanted to meet and speak with as many potential candidates as possible. We are always looking for talent, so we invited everyone to visit our booth.

“Pauwels Consulting has a unique story to tell. We understand the needs and desires of Belgian students and job seekers and we can offer them what they seek.”
Why should job seekers visit the Pauwels Consulting booth during this kind of event?

Niels: Good question (laughs). Pauwels Consulting has a unique story to tell. We are a Belgian company with international projects and ambitions.

We understand the needs and desires of Belgian students and job seekers and we can offer them what they seek: the combination of a stable working environment with an informal but professional company and challenging projects with leading bio/life sciences, pharma and chemical companies in Belgium and the rest of Europe.

Are you looking for an interesting project or company to start your career? We’ve got you covered! Are you looking for a challenging project to take your career to the next level? We’ve got you covered as well!

The diversity of our clients and projects makes it easy for us to provide students and experienced professionals with the projects they desire. Reason enough to visit our booth during this kind of events!

And yet I heard that there was an extra incentive for visiting the Pauwels Consulting booth at the BCF Career Event on November 23. Can you tell us more about that?

Niels: Sure. It was and is our goal to meet as many interesting students and professionals as possible. So… if you gave us your resume at the BCF Career Event or if you upload your resume at pauwelsconsulting.com/boarding before Dec. 15, you will have a chance to win a great city trip in Europe. We will pick and announce the winner of the city trip on our website on Dec. 20, just in time for the holidays!

That’s a nice extra incentive Niels! I have one last question for you. What makes Pauwels Consulting truly unique? Why should people join Pauwels Consulting?

Niels: At Pauwels Consulting, we know our colleagues by name. The human touch is very important to us. The better we know our consultants, the better we know their desires, and the better we can serve their needs. And the better we can serve our colleagues’ needs, the better we can perform as a team.

Joiners always tell us that they feel at home from the start, and the consultants that have been with us for a longer period like the diversity of the projects they work on. We go to great lengths to find the best people for the projects of our clients, but we work equally hard to find the best projects for our people.

That’s a great conclusion, Niels. Thank you for this interview and all the best of luck to anyone who entered the contest!

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